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Below you will find links to a selection of our articles. Within the articles, you can click on the author's name to read more articles by that author, or go directly to our Authors page.

For an up to date selection of articles, consult 'What's New'

 Columns & Observations

Senior Women Web Resident Observer, Julia Sneden

Articles by Rose Mula, Joan L. Cannon, Liz Flaherty, Ferida Wolff, Margaret Cullison, Nichola Gutgold, John Malone, Roberta McReynolds, Jill Norgren, Mary Ann Sternberg and many others that can be accessed through the author's page

Jo Freeman's political columns

Some SeniorWomenWeb Classics:
Rose Mula's The Stranger in My House
Suzette Elgin's
Why Are Old Women Older Than Old Men and How Can We Fix That?
Julia Sneden's A Grandmother by Any Other Name, Entirely Unsuitable Authors

Senior Women Interviews: Sylvia Earle, Ginny Thornburgh, Julie Harris, Cecile DeWitt-Morette, Sharon Patton, Muriel Siebert and Nancy Flowers

 Culture & Arts Articles

Culture Watch: Reviewers Joan L. Cannon, Jill Norgren, Nichola Gutgold, Val Castronovo, John Malone, Emily Mitchell & Julia Sneden

Senior Women Sleuths

"Dusk has fallen as you pull up in front of Tresyllian Castle. A ghostly full moon is rising, and a tall iron gate between two pillars bars the way into the courtyard. What would you like to do?" — Interactive Fiction by Deborah Gray

Favorite Authors: Alistair MacLeod
Favorite Authors: Kristin Lavransdatter

Jane Shortall rereads Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Joan L. Cannon, Books and Authors Worth Revisiting: Islandia by Austen Tappan Wright

Romance Novelist Liz Flaherty: And Happily Ever After

 Relationships & Going Places Articles

Joan James Rapp, Part One and Part Two of Yin and Yang on the Yangtze; A Senior Adventure in the “People’s Republic of Steps:” China is a beautiful, fascinating country, a contradiction of ancient wonders and modern technology. Just because you missed seeing it in your salad days does not mean that you can’t have a memorable journey now

Joan James Rapp: Seniors on Safari

Jane Shortall's impressions of France

Deborah Nedelman, Ph.D. and Leah Kliger, MHA: The Four Ingredients of Sexual Self Esteem and Sexual Desire Beyond Fifty

Sharon Charde: The Life Cycle of a Therapist, Part One and Two

Pamela Stone: Loving from a Distance: Caring for Aging Parents Across the Miles

Caregiver series by Julia Sneden:
The Slippery Slope, Part One
The Slippery Slope, Part Two
The Slippery Slope, Part Three

Marriage Survey, Part One, Part Two, Part Three by Mary McHugh

The Comfort of Animals

Marcia Schonberg's Travel Destinations:

World's Longest Garage Sale through Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama
Tallship B&B in, The Manitou, on the edge of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay

Assignment: Sail Bayonne and Voyage of the Sea and Empress of the Sea from Cape Liberty Cruise Port

Sue Purdy's Destinations:
Taos, NM
San Francisco, CA
A Lass in Alaska
The Belles of Bellefonte, PA
All in the Family—Barbados
Northern Exposure, Canadian Style
Amelia Island, FL
Hershey, PA
Nashville, TN
New York Apothecaries
Red Mountain Resort & Spa
Belles of Bellefonte
Oaxaca, Mexico
A Lass in Alaska
Sonoma County
Big Sky, Montana
San Francisco
Norwich Inn and Spa, Connecticut
Thomasville, Georgia
Kentucky Karma
Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa Lake Placid, New York

Driving on Thin Ice
Shopping for a Safe Vehicle
Marketing Cars in the 21st Century
The Car Industry and the Senior Driver: Look Who's Paying Attention

Parenting & Grandparenting
Simple Things to Keep Kids Busy, Part One: From Under Twos to Six 
Simple Things to Keep Kids Busy, Part Two: From Age Six to After Fourteen

also see A Word from Robin, on plans for a grandchild's college education

 Home & Shopping Articles

Sharon Kapnick's articles on wine

Margaret Cullison's series on My Mother's Cookbook

Gabriella True's food column, Culinary Discovery:

Discoverer's Day: Discover New Foods
Celebrating the Bounty of Good Things
A Christmas Tour of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia
For the Love of Lavender:Celebrate the beauty, scent and taste of lavender
The Lure of Chocolate
Polenta: A Cook's Canvas
The Celebrated Coconut and Its Milk
Salad Days
Celebrating Honey
Celebrating the Bounty of Good Things II

Linda Coyner's prize winning Garden Edition

Roberta McReynolds articles

A Child's Verse of Gardens by Ron Sullivan

Learning Style by Jeanne Asher

The Anatomy of Estate Sales by Jeanne Asher

Decorating (The Color of Candles) and Decorating Case Studies

Senior Women's Decorating and Design Book Reviews:

Bungalow Kitchens

Reviews of books about collectors: A Passion for Collecting and The Epicurean Collector
Red on Red: Creating Stunning Interiors Using Reds and Pinks
Animal House Style: Designing an interior that's attractive and pet friendly.

Book Review: The Clothesline, "a positive spin in anyone's rinse cycle" and "time-tested secrets for refreshing the laundry-day routine."

Three books on home design for living with young children and small spaces.

Container Gardening 101


 Money & Computing Articles

Jo Freeman on Solutions for Computer Stress: People have been putting their computers on top of their writing desks and putting monitors on top of their computers — and suffering the consequences

Jo Freeman reviews a few products that stood out at the PC Expo show as having immediate appeal to the ordinary woman

U can't rED DIS, thN U' 2 old‹Probably by Sandra Smith

Moving and Retirement: Betty Soldz's series on moving from the West coast to the East:

Confronting the Decision to Move: The Journey Ahead

The Decision to Move or Not: The Journey Ahead, Part Two

The Good and the Bad; The Journey Ahead, Part Three

One Year After Our Move: Making the Adjustment

Protecting Your Finances
Buying and Selling Successfully on eBay

A Review of Genealogy Software Family Tree Maker

 Health, Fitness & Style Articles

Dermatologist Cynthia Bailey's quarterly column

Reckoning With The Sun: Is It Too Late?
Makeup Tips

Betty Soldz's informative articles, Considering a Healthcare Directive and Long Term Care Insurance: Is It For You?. Go to Betty Soldz's author page for more articles on health and the older woman.

Roxanne Holmes: Life is Too Short to Hit Out of the Bunker

Exercise and Fitness
Of Heroes, Grandmothers and Good Chest Muscles

Stepping Up With Jeanne
The Mouse and the Martial Artist
Shoulders: Strength and Grace
T'ai Chi - The Gentle Martial Art
The Yoga Way

 News & Issues Articles

Once Again, It's Your Issue: Social Security
Blogging the Democrats

Aging is a Woman's Issue

Political Wives and Widows
Two Lives, Two Deaths
The Myth of the Older, Richer Woman

Political Wives As Candidates: Wave of the Future or Relics from the Past?
Jo Freeman: The Feminist Ghost at the Conservative Political Action Conference ,
Clare Hanrahan: Alderson: Reclaiming the Vision and Conscience & Consequence

Sharon Charde: The Writers of Touchstone, The Life Cycle of a Therapist and Prison, Poetry and Grace

For an up to date selection of articles, consult 'What's New'

Above are links to a selection of our articles. Within the articles, you can click on the author's name to read more articles by that author, or go directly to our Authors page.


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