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Julia Sneden Articles Archive

Current Julia Sneden Articles

Still Learning

Still Learning: What Are We Teaching?
Small Priorities (Still Learning: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Classroom)
September Song (Still Learning: Lessons from a lifetime in the classroom)
Still Learning: Lessons From a Lifetime in the Classroom By The Dawn's Early ( not-so-very) Light

Still Learning: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Classroom; Eyes on the Prize
Still Learning: Lessons from a Lifetime in the Classroom, Foundations
Still Learning: Learning Differently
Still Learning: Getting Past It
Still Learning:Despair/Disrepair
Still Learning: Old Dogs/New Tricks
Still Learning: Testing and The Internet
Still Learning: Parents and Teachers
Still Learning: The Bored of Education
Lessons From a Lifetime in the Classroom: YOU AND I ME US THEY THEM WHATEVER!

Age Rage
Get Well Soon and Swimming Laps
Freeze Frame

Stepping Up

Kitchen Stigmata

On Becoming Eponymous

Homing In

This Old Man

New and Improved?

New & Not Improved Enough

Blue Plate Special

Autumn Song

Knowing Things

Missing Persons

Trolling for Christmas


Age Rage Revisited

Things My Grandmothers Taught Me

Correspondence Course

"Did So!" "Did Not!" Children, Children

The Occasional Gardener


Cellular Etiquette

Entirely Unsuitable

Simple Things to Keep Kids Busy, Part One: From Under Twos to Six
Simple Things to Keep Kids Busy, Part Two: From Age Six to After Fourteen


Sitting Ducks
Baby Talk

Magic Moments at the End of the Summer

Moving On

Sew, What!

Tick....Tick...Ticked Off!


A Grandmother by Any Other Name

Now, Boys

The Comfort Zone

After the Fight Was Over (With Apologies to Clement Moore)
Over the Hill...and laughing on the down slope
Dante in the City
The Day the Baby Fell in Love
Plum Crazy

DisGRAYceful (A Hair-Raising Tale)
Foreclosing on Closure
Facing It
If The Shoe can bet it's not fashionable
Cued Speech - A System of Enhanced Lip Reading
Misspending My Dotage
Fireflies and Summer Rain

Napkin Rings and Saving Ways
Going to War
Hello, Boomers ...and welcome to the other side of the hill
The Slippery Slope, Part One
The Slippery Slope, Part Two

Chrismas Presence
The Slippery Slope, Part Three
GUILTY AS CHARGED but not nearly sane
A Good Breakfast
Loving Books
Kristin's Wedding
Buying the Pharm
Creeds and Pledges
On Becoming Transparent
Relativity in a Nuclear Age
The Bosky Dell
ADvent is Here Again
Hands in the Dough
Keeping It Light
Looking Up
April Again, and Not a Moment Too Soon
Polishing the Past
Confessions of a Compulsive Mom
For the Birds
Short Shrift
A Fool for Fall
Raising the Profile
Touching History
A Proposal
Buying The Pharm #2
Another look at the mess that is our health care industry

To Market, To Market
Summer, 1945
Built to Last
Going Home Again
Of Tomboys and Girlie Men
Taking It As It Comes
Aunt Envy
Thinking Thankful
The Blue and the Red Blues
The Creativity Sweeps
The Seven Ages of Women
On Screeching to a Stop
The Displaced Heart
Short of Leg
Sitting Firm
On Pins and Needles
Well and Good and Just Fine, Thanks
An XYZ Affair
The Shank of the Year
Demographic Idiocy
Chipping Away
The Right Words
Getting Past It
The Silent Generation? Sez Who!
Christmas, 1938 written by Julia's mother, Mary Kelsey Brown
Noblesse Abused
A Lesson for Today
Leaps and Bounds
The Wedding Dress
A Spoonful of History
I Think, Therefore I Amb
Auto Mated
The L-Word-O-V-E-R
Fall Folly
Musings on the Grand Life
Rules of the Road
M's Day
Going Forth on the Fourth
No SweatElection 2008: In the Nick of Time!
What's So Black About Friday?
Fa La La La Frantic
Shrink Shrank Shrunken
Niggly Things
The Green-Eyed Monster as Constant Companion
Hard Copy
More or Less
History by the Thimbleful
On Losing a Sib
Pursuit of the Perfect Purse
A Year by Any Other Name is Still a Year
Love Your Library
Digging for Roots
Downsized by Corporate America; The Frustrations of a Recipe Cook
Heart Song; Thoughts on loss
Farewell to the Feckless Life
Horse Sense
Gone Grey and The Seven Senior Dwarves
Aphoristic Idiocy
The Ups and Downs of Matchlessness
TechNOlogy ...To E or Not To E, That Is the Question
The 25 Year Check-Up; Confessions of a Chronic Worrier

Relationships: The Tale of a Hairdo



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