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Betty Soldz

Betty Soldz is an author, educator and consultant in the field of aging. She facilitated workshops and discussion groups for the University of California Berkeley Retirement Center. Betty is one of the co-authors of Wise Choices Beyond Midlife: Women Mapping the Journey Ahead.  She is Past-President of OWL/CA (Voices of Mid-life and Older Women) and is Chairperson of 50+ and Strong: An Alliance for Women's Health. For 11 years, Betty volunteered with the California Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program(HICAP) of Legal Assistance for Seniors and is active in the struggle to protect Medicare and Social Security. She is now Newsletter Editor and Public Policy Liaison, as well as a member of the Coordinating Committee of Greater Boston OWL. Betty can be contacted


Modernizing and Strengthening Medicare: A Woman's Issue
Aging Is a Woman's Issue
Are Women Getting the Health Care They Need?
Women and Caregiving: Are They Synonymous?
Communicating With Your Doctor
Protecting Your Finances
What Does It Mean to Grow Older? How Do We Make It a Positive Experience?
Women and Heart Disease: Little Reported and Diagnosed Late
Celebrating Working Women's Lives
Home is Where the Heart Is (Alternative Housing)
Long Term Care Insurance: Is It For You?
Confronting the Decision to Move: The Journey Ahead
The Decision to Move or Not: The Journey Ahead, Part Two
Moving: The Good and the Bad; The Journal Ahead, Part Three
Options for Financing Long Term Care
Women at the Barricades: Voices of Midlife and Older Women
Once Again, It's Your Issue: Social Security
The Silent Killer: Osteoporosis - Are You at Risk?
Planning for Another Stage of Our Lives
Volunteering: The Power to Make a Difference
What Role Do Retirees Play in Today's Society (Part One)
What Role.....Part Two
What Role.....Part Three
What Role Do Retirees Play in Today's Society? Conclusion: Barbara's Story
One Year After Our Move: Making the Adjustment
Picture Yourself in Her Place: The Plight of the Afghan Woman
Thanksgiving: Profile of a Caregiver
Women and Retirement Security; Pensions and Other Retirement Instruments
A Community of Women
Outsmarting Forgetfulness
Is Co-Housing for You?
What You Should Know About Taking Medicine
Don't Let the Flu Get You Down

Considering a Healthcare Directive
Hospice: A Caring End
Mental Illness, Undiagnosed
and Untreated in Many Older Americans

New Medicare Changes Constitute A Farce

New Medicare Prescription Drug Card - Benefit or Burden?

Make a Difference: Vote

Bewildered? Do You Receive Your Healthcare Coverage From Your Present or Past Employer? If So, Are You Confused About What You Should Do About the New Medicare Drug Plan?



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