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Gabriella True


Gabriella True has had a passion for cooking since the day her Mom let her pound down the freshly risen dough created from her Grandmother's bread recipe. In fifth grade she chose Julia Child as her hero to write about in English class. Growing up in the heart of New York City she was able to avidly explore the foods of the world. Since then she has catered small parties and spent hours writing and testing recipes to share with her loyal audience.

She began writing about food, its culture and history through her association with Splendid Palate.


Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat
Discoverer's Day: Discover New Foods
Celebrating the Bounty of Good Things
Culinary Discovery: A Christmas Tour of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia
For the Love of Lavender: Celebrate the beauty, scent and taste of lavender
The Tastes of Rhode Island
Culinary Discovery: The Lure of Chocolate
Polenta: A Cook's Canvas
The Celebrated Coconut and its Milk
Salad Days
Celebrating Honey
Celebrating the Bounty of Good Things, II




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