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Increasingly recognized as one of the premiere original content sites for 'women of a certain age,' provides information, community and connectivity for their readers. In addition to its growing core audience of women over fifty, it is attracting the attention of women as a rich site "for women of almost any age." has begun a house blog,, to chart the progress of building an aging in place and green residential house. Chart our progress through the many concerns of building a house to adapt to changing needs and eco-sensitive issues.

Here are some recent statistics:

  • Women purchase 65% of all new cars and 53% of used cars, and they influence 95% of all auto purchases. (Women Motorist)
  • Up to one third of automotive do-it-yourselfers are women (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association)
  • Women spend over $20 billion on home electronics (Cambridge Soundworks/

A survey by A.C.Nielsen in Canada revealed this about the aging consumer:

"It appears that Canadians, like United States and international consumers have a strong interest in maintaining more youthful attitudes in the older age brackets. While it may not be overwhelmingly popular to market “teenybopper” style clothing to Canadian 30 year olds, it may be highly successful to market “hip” products to seniors. This approach may be even more successful among women, as in North America 60% of women surveyed agreed that the 60’s were the new middle age compared to 58% of men."

A recent Nielsen Australian study revealed some entrenched myths about the 45-64 population and, in all probability, beyond:

Myth: Younger consumers are a more lucrative target market for marketers in comparison to younger generations – where marketers and advertisers usually focus the majority of their budgets – Life Jugglers and Life Surfers have higher average personal and household incomes and are spending more on almost everything, from phones and mobiles to groceries, financial services, travel and tourism and even technology and the Internet.

Myth: Life Jugglers and Life Surfers are brand loyal and won’t try new products and services. While the traditional Baby Boomer demographic has been pigeon-holed by marketers and advertisers as brand loyal and unwilling to change, the reality is that Life Jugglers and Life Surfers are just as likely to switch brands as any other demographic. These switching intentions are driven by their values and are reflected in their preference for Australian made products, their support for the ‘little guy’, their purchase of organic in their quest to maintain health and vitality and their willingness to save on ‘commodities’ and low involvement purchases in order to spend more on the things that are important to them, such as experiences.

Myth: Life Jugglers and Life Surfers are resistant to new technologies. When it comes to technology and the Internet, Life Jugglers and Life Surfers are actually driving the continued increase in online trial, with up to 13 percent logging on for the first time in the past 12 months. More than two in every three Life Jugglers and Life Surfers are now online and they are just as likely to have broadband access at home as any other age group, and almost as likely to access the Internet regularly. Home PC ownership is higher among Life Jugglers and Life Surfers compared to those aged under 45, while laptop ownership is on the increase.

“The 45 to 64 year old population has long been a misunderstood and poorly portrayed demographic,” noted Andrew Reid, Managing Director, Nielsen//NetRatings. “The reality is that this market is adventurous and is looking for new challenges and ways to improve their lives. They’ve built a set of values over the course of their life experiences and feel liberated to express these values through their purchasing behaviour and lifestyle decisions.”

A New York Times' e-commerce article, Older Consumers Flex Their Muscle (and Money) Online, quoted another Nielsen analyst:

"This group has been kind of overlooked until now," said Heather Dougherty, an analyst with Nielsen/NetRatings, an online consultancy. "But the older boomers are far from newbies at this point. We're not talking about people who are 100 years old and haven't seen a computer."

Ms. Dougherty said a recent Nielsen survey found that 27.4 million people age 55 and older bought something online in the last six months, compared with about 26 million a year ago. By contrast, the number of adults who bought something online in the last year actually dropped, to 107.4 million from 112 million.

Ms. Dougherty said that since last June, senior citizens have bought clothing, shoes, flowers and gifts at a faster rate than the population in general.

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