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Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa, Lake Placid, New York

by Sue Purdy

My sister Linda and I, on our constant quest for the perfect spa experience, packed our bags and headed up to the Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa in Lake Placid, New York.

Instead of driving from Long Island, we took Amtrak from Penn Station. That was a smart move. During the six-hour ride, we relaxed, read, talked, slept and watched the beautiful scenery along the Hudson River roll by.

Well rested, we arrived at the distinctive Westport train station, built in 1876 with its bell-cast roof, exposed rafters, and protective overhanging eaves. This station is also home to the Westport Depot Theater, where summer stock productions offer well-known actors treading the boards. We were met by Mike, driving a gorgeous, white stretch limousine, sent by the Inn to pick us up. Linda and I gave each other the raised eyebrow sign. Things were lookin good.

Mirror Lake Inn, open year-round, is located just 500 feet from the old New Englandesque town of Lake Placid, home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games. Still home to training athletes and visiting travelers, the thriving town has antique shops, wonderful book stores, and excellent boutiques. The impressive Inn overlooks Mirror Lake, reflecting the Adirondack Mountain wilderness charm. Originally built as a private home in 1883, it began operating as an Inn in 1924 and was rented in its entirety by the Norwegian team during the 1932 Winter Olympics. Like a rabbits warren, the 128 rooms are located in various added-on portions of the building and it took Linda and I a while to navigate the twists and turns and finally find our room with confidence.

We had signed up for a Womens Revitalization Weekend ($976 for two plus tax) which included two-nights accommodations, meals, outdoor activities with the fabulous Carol Treadwell, spa treatments, and guest speaker, Dr. Joseph C. Coppola. Linda and I added on another night and several more spa treatments as the place was too good to leave earlier, as planned.

This weekend turned out to be one of the best weve ever enjoyed. We were part of theRevitalization group which consisted of a dozen gals from all over, who were funny, intelligent, charming and raucous. It took approximately 15 minutes for this gaggle of gals, many of whom were sisters, to drop any masks of pretense and get down to having a wonderful time.

We met for meals in the beautiful Averil Conwell dining room, named for contemporary local artist whose scenic paintings line the walls. And the food was excellent. Spa meals were available, but most of us selected from the regular menu which featured a delicious house salad with orange and poppy seed dressing, a tender, juicy rack of lamb and a fabulous blueberry crme brle for dessert. Breakfast was a huge buffet of all things good and fattening. Yes, they did have nutritious, low-fat selections, but who could pass up the pumpkin pancakes and the sizzling bacon.

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