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Cynthia Bailey, MD


Dr. Cynthia Bailey has practiced dermatology in California for over 20 years. She treats over 12,000 patients in her practice, specializing in general and surgical dermatology with an emphasis on skin cancer and healthful skin care. Dr. Bailey launched her web site in 2008 with the intention of making her advice for health promoting skin care and the products that she recommends to her patients available to a wider audience. Her interest in finding the best skin care products is both personal and professional. As a 50 year old, very fair skinned native Californian, the signs of sun damage started to appear on her own skin in her mid twenties. At the time she was in her dermatology residency and she began developing her own approach to meaningfully changing her sun damaged skin. She screens products for scientifically verifiable results, incorporating them into her own skin care regimen and the skin care regimens of her patients.

Prior to opening her private practice, Dr. Cynthia Bailey was on the full time clinical teaching faculty at University of California San Diego Medical School. While there she also conducted laboratory research on the effect of sunlight on skin.

Dr. Bailey graduated from Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans and received her bachelor's degree from Mills College, a woman's college in Northern California. She is a member of the following organizations: the American Academy of Dermatology, Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, the California Medical Association (member of the Board of Trustees 2000-2003, Member of the House of Delegates 1993-2003), Sonoma County Medical Association (President elect and President 1998-2000), Board of Trustees 1996-2000, Creator and Co-Chair of the Sonoma County Health Care Summit 2001-2003) and board of trustees and committee member on numerous Sonoma County health care organizations since 1991.

Dr. Bailey has staff privileges to practice at three Sonoma County hospitals: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Sutter Hospital and Palm Drive Hospital.

Dr. Bailey is a wife, mother, gardener, dog lover and lifelong 'health nut'. She has been married for over 25 years and has two grown children. She and her husband have a small pinot noir vineyard. When not working or gardening, Dr. Bailey is usually doing some form of exercise: Pilates, yoga, dance, swimming, walking or bike riding.


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