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Third Time's Charm
The Comfort of Animals
First Flight
Sonja, the Survivor
Tai Chi - The Gentle Martial Art
The Yoga Way
Return to Aurora
Finding a New Home Place
Exploring the Oregon Coast: Brookings & Gold Beach
Racing Against Max
The Mud Sculpture

My Mother's Cookbook: Rhubarb Pie and Mrs. Ratcliff's Divinity
My Mother's Cookbook: Anna’s Potato Bread and Sour Cream Cookies
My Mother’s Cookbook: Salad Dressings for Summer Fruits and Vegetables
My Mother's Cookbook: Buddy's Recipes
My Mother's Cookbook: Adapted Recipes
My Mother's Cookbook: Lunchtime Favorites
My Mother’s Cookbook: Meemock's Recipes
My Mother's Coobook: Tekie's Favorites
My Mother's Cookbook: Turkey Croquettes, Cranberry Sherbet and Ames Party Waffles
My Mother's Cookbook: Dad's Favorites - Tongue, Meatloaf, Broiled Cheese Sandwiches and Sweetbreads
My Mother's Cookbook: Alan's Favorites
My Mother's Cookbook: Holiday Desserts — Pumpkin and Pecan Pies, Gingerbread Men and Christmas Cookies
My Mother's Cookbook: Winter Soups
My Mother's Cookbook: Ben's Favorites — Raw Tomato Relish, Chicken Sandwich Filling, Aasta's Potato Salad and Stuffed Shrimp
My Mother's Cookbook: Summer Cookies — Aunt Rickie's Icebox, Mom's Iced Orange Drop, Aunt Myrtle's Ginger and Jean's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
My Mother's Cookbook: More Summer Fare: Cabbage, German Potato and Chicken Salads; Fried Chicken
My Mother's Cookbook: My Brothers' Favorites; Side Meat with Hominy, Mrs. Foster's Stuffed Peppers, Roquefort Dressing and Armida's Antipasto
My Mother's Cookbook: Comfort Foods — Chicken Pie, Baking Powder Biscuits, Dumplings and Boiled Dinner
Robes, My Mother and Me
My Mother's Cookbook: Recipes from My AuntsLouise’s Chewy Brownies; Virginia’s Chili, Orange Bread and Cheese Cake
Wading Into My First Watercolor Workshop
My Mother's Cookbook: More Recipes from Relatives — Buddy’s Oatmeal Cookies, Nadine’s Buttermilk Waffles and Date Pudding, Marcia’s Marshmallow Frosting
My Mother's Cookbook, Old-Fashioned Recipes: Rice and Lima Bean Casseroles, Buddy’s Baked Beans, Aunt Rickie’s New Year’s Cakes
My Mother's Cookbook Quick Bakes: Cayenne Cheese Wafers, Coffee Cake, Meemock’s Nut Bread and Hannah’s Raisin Bread
My Mother's Cookbook: Frosted Cakes: Seven-Minute Frosting, 1234 Cake, Pound Cake Torte and Carrot Cake
One Memorable Friend
Cemetery Chronicles
My Mother's CookBook: Val’s Refrigerator Rolls, Vernie’s Brunch Casserole, Cherry Pie with Crisco Crust and Danish Puff
My Mother’s Cookbook: More Cookies: Frosted Chocolate, Orange Slice, and Sugar Cookies, Coconut Macaroons
My Mother's Cookbook; Recipes from Professionals: Beef Stroganoff, Yorkshire Pudding, Corn Sticks, Pushover Popovers
My Mother's Cookbook — Winter Salads: Jell-o, Salads of the Era and Pickled Beets
My Mother’s Cookbook; Recipes from Younger Friends: Cindy’s Cookies, Gaby’s Butter Cookies with Jam, California Cheesecake, and Cynthia’s Lemon Bars
My Mother's Cookbook, Strawberries: Shortcake, Two Pies, and a Dutch Baby with Fresh Strawberries


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