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Linda Coyner


Linda Coyner is a gardener/journalist who planted her first seed in New York soil. She trained as a landscape designer at the New York Botanical Garden. A few years ago she said good-bye to her garden in Chappaqua, New York, and a full-time job in book and magazine publishing. These days Linda lives in Naples, Florida, where she's a Florida Certified Horticulture Professional and a Master Naturalist in Wetlands. She is delighted to be gardening year round as well as writing about plants and flowers. Linda can be reached by email.

Linda received the 2002 Garden Writers Association Garden Globe award for her articles, Garden Edition: "Soy Bean (a.k.a. Edamane)" and Garden Edition: "Water Saving Products for The Garden," 3 Part Series.

In April 2004 she received the same Garden Globe award for her two-part article in, Part One: Sun sense for gardeners; Skin and Eye Protection and Part Two: Sun sense for gardeners; Protective Clothing


Garden Edition

January 2000 - Catalog Temptations
March 2000 - Experimenting With the Dark Side
April 2000 - Messengers of Spring
May/June 2000 - The Value of Perennials
July 2000 - SeniorWomenWeb's Favorite Garden Tools
August 2000 - A Review of the Gardening for Dummies Books
September 2000 - Sources of Color in the Fall Garden
October 2000 - Foilage and Fall Planting
November 2000 - Gifts for Gardeners
December 2000 - Holiday Garden Books
January 2001 - Alice in Wonderland's Winter Garden
February 2001 - Garden Shows and Starting Seeds
March 2001
- When gardeners need seed: Buying by Packet
April 2001 - The Garden Ornament
May 2001 - Choosing Colorful Bedding Plants
June 2001 - What is Happening to Petunias? Supertunia? Surfinia?
July 2001 - A real slug fest
August 2001 - Prime Time for Growing Caladiums.
September 2001 - A review of Michael Pollan's Botany of Desire
October 2001 - Spring and Early Summer Flowering Bulbs
November 2001 - Behind the scenes of "Making More Plants" by Ken Druse
December 2001 - Garden Edition: December Holidays; Last-minute gifts for gardeners: Winners & Losers
*January 2002 - Soy Beans (aka Edamame)
February 2002 - From the Garden Bookshelf: The Southern Garden, Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul, Sunbelt Gardening Success in Hot Weather Climates, Dogs in their Gardens, Six-Legged Sex: The Erotic Lives of Bugs
March 2002 - Off the Garden Bookshelf: Insects and Gardens by Eric Grissel
April 2002 - Water-smart lawns
*May 2002 - Water-saving products for the garden: soaker hoses
*June 2002 - Water-saving products for the garden, Part II: Superabsorbers
*July 2002 - Water-saving products for the garden, Part III: Gator bag, moisture sensor, and wrist-operated hose nozzle
August 2002 - End of Summer Garden Edition: The Lure of the Orchid
September 2002 - Three Worthy Additions to the Gardeners Bookshelf

November 2002 - Gifts for Gardeners
December 2002 - Amaryllis, Today's Superbulb
January 2003 - What's Notable and New for 2003
February 2003 - Book review: Garden and Climate by Chip Sullivan
March 2003 - Coleus Gets a Wake-up Call
April 2003 - Book Review: The Intuitive Gardener by Marilyn Raff
May 2003 - What Will This Year's Garden Look Like?
June 2003 - Exploring the Mysteries of Garden Design

July 2003 - The Perfect Vacation Companion for the Gardener: Beverley Nichols
*August 2003 - Part One: Sun sense for gardeners; Skin and Eye Protection
*August 2003 - Part Two: Sun sense for gardeners; Protective Clothing
October 2003 - Movers and Shakers of Garden Design
November 2003 - Gifts for Gardening Friends

January 2004 - Plant Stars on the Rise

September 2004 - A Peek Preview of 2005*

*Linda has been on leave from writing in her role as caregiver


* 2003 and 2004 Garden Writers Association Award

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