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Laura W. Haywood


Laura's fiction and poetry won a number of prizes and appeared in The New York Times ("Metropolitan Diary"), Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Galaxy, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and a number of other magazines and anthologies. She edited or co-edited (with Isaac Asimov) two science fiction and one mystery anthology. Laura was also the author of the recently published novel "The Honor of the Ken."

Laura Haywood passed away in 2003. She will be missed by all who knew, loved her and treasured her writing.


Collecting Knowledge
Corporate Dictionary
A Night at the Movies
My Life and Hard Drive
Wedding Hells
The Wrong Age
Having a Baby Takes a Lot Out of You

Me and the Babe
Is Nudism the Answer?
Travels With Billy
Domestic Engineering
Sarah Heartburn & Son
Boating With Billy
At Sea in Nebraska
Ah Ah Ah Choo
Schinister Doing (by son, John Haywood)
The Zeigfeld Club
The Past, the Future, and Six Dead Indians
Taking Lyrics Literally
Conspiracy Theory
Happy Mothers Day
Kindergarten Conferences
The Abstract Mummy
A Letter From the Past

Culture Watch: Laura Haywood reviews Islandia by Austin Tappen Wright

Culture Watch:
The latest in the Benni Harper mystery series by Earlene Fowler, Steps to the Altar

Culture Watch: The Real Lincoln: DiLorenzo contends that Lincoln waged an unnecessary war which let him seize the powers of a dictator

Culture Watch: Ann Perry's latest William Monk mystery, Death of a Stranger, has an intricate and richly drawn plot; reading Grisham's The Brethren after 9/11 inspires wonder at how much the CIA knew & what hidden agendas might be buried

Culture Watch: The Christmas Train by David Baldacci: a feel-good page-turner filled with happy endings and a delightful twist.

Culture Watch: The 14th installment in the Kate Fansler series by Amanda Cross, The Edge of Doom.

Culture Watch: One of her favorite authors, Jonathan Kellerman, and the paperback of Flesh and Blood


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