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Dear Julia,

I just read your sewing article and it brought a smile to my day. It was as if you were writing about me. I rarely write people I don't know, but wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your article. I, too, like to sew but often my projects do not come out as I dream they should. I am glad there are others in the world who have some of the same problems sewing that I do.

Thanks, Nancy


Dear Julia,

I found SeniorWomenWeb through a Wild Women Who Sew newsletter. Your words are so true about sewing. I am a graphic artist by trade but a seamstress and designer wanna-be; perhaps it's a mid-life crisis. I was especially pleased, - no, that's not the word I want - joyful, to read your stories. I am most touched by your writings about your grandmother. My grandmother raised me and taught me to sew and I wish she was still alive...I tell my children all the stories about the past she shared with me: the candy stores, the Polish neighborhoods and all the other neighborhoods, too. Your remembrances have touched me, too.

I just wanted to say thank you, and I will continue to visit your website. Thanks again,

Julie Swetnam via email


Dear Editor,

I have just found this neat place for women of our age. I'm new to this computering, but was delighted to find such a wonderful site. It's like coming home to understanding friends. Keep up the good work.

You'll have a following because there is a need out there for we women.

Marge Konz, Kimball, Mn

Dear David,

I enjoyed reading your article on Hetty Green. I grew up on stories about her. I'm told she was my great Aunt, and that my Grandfather was her favorite. When she would visit she would give him treats, usually a gift of $200. When his parents would say that she was spoiling him, she would say, "If he's going to have money, he needs to learn how to handle it."

My grandfather moved here from Texas with my grandmother. She died recently and I've been attempting to separate fact from family myth. If you have any suggestions as to how I can find information from Hetty's children onward, I would appreciate it.


Dean Robinson via


Dear Mary,

My husband is from a Republican family (Take Five, Politics in the Family), too, and we do not cancel each other's vote. That is far too important to use as a tool to keep the conversations lively. We have enough topics nearer home to do that. In my home where I grew up, the men lead in the religious area. We had strong churches at that time and I have watched women take over where men have abdicated in that area.

Women have a strong nesting instinct and their priorities lie in the home and the good that can be done there, which is of prime importance. But men share a broader and more far reaching view. They can visualize things that don't necessarily contribute to just the home. It takes both views, and it helps to keep a balance in the order of things. I always enjoy your writing.

Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Jean C. Leinweber, Harper, Texas via email

Dear Editor,

I have enjoyed your website so much, and have still not had the chance to explore all of it! Would you know of any websites that deal with financial help for seniors who would like to return to school and complete a graduate degree? I am referring mostly to scholarships or grants rather than loans.

I know there is something out there somewhere, and thought you might be able to help me out. Thanks so much!

Linda Gonzalez via e-mail

(Editor's Note: If you know of any programs that would be helpful, please e-mail us and/or Linda.)

Dear Editor,

Thank you for this website. I am 63, still working and am earning my Ph.D. in psychology.

Seniorwomen, working, loving and living are still alive and well. Your website shows that, over and over.

Thanks, Ann Gassaway via E-Mail

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