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Laws of Attraction
Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, Michael Sheen, Nora Dunn and the delightful Frances Fisher

Reviewed by Sandra Smith

I once asked my very stern sister-in-law, "Did you know that you can sing Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan's Island?" (Go head, try it.) She twitched and said, "Well, Sandi, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should."

Which is how I feel about botox, reality television, and most romantic comedies made after 1950. And that little incident with my sister-in-law entertained me nearly as much as the movie Laws of Attraction.

I don't go to movies expressly to be enlightened or educated, I go to be entertained. If I also happen to be enlightened or educated and entertained, I am wildly and profoundly grateful.

That being said, I am often disappointed. My theory is that the youngsters don't have the background of some of the really good movie and television we have seen. Even worse, they are not getting the benefits of reading the great literature we were Even those old Twilight Zones often had plots and characters worth thinking about. Ah, thinking. I guess we don't have time for that anymore, either. Yes, there are exceptions.

Laws of Attraction isn't as good as Something's Gotta Give, but Pierce Brosnan ages like fine wine — he seems to get more sassy and provocative the older he gets. I like Julianne Moore, she seems intelligent and is a good actress. The chemistry between the two is what made the movie watchable. Although a rock would have chemistry with Pierce Brosnan. The scene where mother Frances Fisher forces her daughter Julianne Moore to attend a concert with her — mom rocks out and daughter is embarrassed and sneaks out — is amusing. And just as place can be a character in literary fiction, Ireland should be given more credit in this movie. I wonder if it's really that beautiful?

Comparisons between this movie and the excellent Adam's Rib should not be made. Nobody seems to be writing witty dialog anymore. I mean witty as in forwarding the plot, or banter between two characters that exposes their developing relationship rather than one-liners played for cheap laughs.

All in all, if you rarely go to movies and only want to see the finest films or the best of genre, you should pass on this one. Otherwise go and enjoy the fluff.


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