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Film: Sandra Smith reviews the comedy Something's Gotta Give, with a performance by Diane Keaton touted as Academy Award caliber.

Something's Gotta Give
Written and directed by Nancy Meyers
Stars Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand, and Amanda Peet PG-13

If you're in the mood for a very funny and entertaining romantic comedy, go see Something's Gotta Give. If you're looking for social commentary, go read a book. If witty dialog, laugh-out-loud moments, and some silliness and a little sweetness is what you're looking for, this movie is worth a couple of hours. Even the crude parts are hilarious.

The plot is silly and unbelievable, but what did you expect? That's part of movie magic. Jack Nicholson has looked like a perverted old man for at least 20 years so the message might be if you're a rich and amusing man, then you can have all the foolish young women you want. Why do we like him anyway? It's a mystery.

The Diane Keaton message is that you can be beautiful, utterly charming, intelligent, witty, sexy, successful, and funny, yet you don't have oodles of men of any age ringing your bell at all hours. What's the moral? That a poor, washed up, old Diane Keaton can find true love at any age? If that's the case, what about us poor mortals?

Frances McDormand, playing Keaton's sister, is a wonderful actress but I didn't know she could be so funny. She held her own against Nicholson's wickedness and that's saying something. Keanu Reeves is another mystery. The man can barely speak and his acting acting kit only holds about three different expressions, but as the young man falling for Keaton's character, he is adequate. And we like him, too, mostly. My young friends asked why she didn't wind up with Keanu. I also wondered.

Message, schmessage. Some movies are simply to be enjoyed for what they are. This one is and I did.

— Sandra Smith


©2003 Sandra Smith for SeniorWomenWeb


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