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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Monterey Peninsula Weather:  clear and cool

On Sunday morning, January 23, 2000 my bags will be packed and Ill be on the road to Southern California to visit the cities of Hollywood, Glendale and Laguna Beach.  My plan is to take pictures of the homes in which I was born and raised.  These will then be mounted in my personal album next to the small, grainy black and white ones taken some 60 years ago of me being held in the arms of my mother or grandmother by the house on Grandview in Glendale; of taking first steps in front of that house on Sonora Ave.; of rushing up the 52 steps to the front door of our house on Manola Way in Hollywood and the wrenching teen years in Laguna Beach.  That particular Sunday will be my 63rd birthday and this will be the fulfillment of a promise I made to myself many years ago.

My Moms history was mostly a blank.  She had wanted it that way and was not forthcoming with many, if any, details of her young life.  Im not going to do that to my kids.  Theyll be fully informed of the various stages of my existence.

My first 20 years will be so documented.  Anything Ive done as an adult is already well represented, with the exception of the 70s when I didnt own a camera.  Missed out on some great shots of the kids in their teens, which will be one of my many deathbed regrets, I imagine.

The Hot Cocoa issue still boils.  Would love to hear from those who have a perfect recipe.  So far, the favorite is the world-famous Ibarra Mexican Hot Chocolate, a rich, tasty blend of cocoa, cinnamon and other sweetly fragrant ingredients.



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