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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Weather on the Monterey Peninsula: 
rainy, high mid-60s

I just had an email chat with my friend Roy.  He lives in the Sierra foothills in one of those picturesque, tourist-clogged gold mining towns, retired to his elegant home and garden.  Roy and I chat frequently about anything at all.  He was in the Merchant Marines, a cop in a bad city in California, and a carny operator, so conversation topics are easy to come by.  Youd be tempted to call Roy a character with his long ponytail and Birkenstocks but hes really a personality. And some say hes so smart he watches 60 Minutes in a half-hour.

     There was a period of silence from Roy, then a nice note.  It seems he had his voice box removed, due to throat damage from perhaps too many single malt scotches and fine cigars. Without a speaking voice, and waiting for a plastic one to be installed, he sits at home in front of one of the finest computer setups this side of Microsoft.  His arms and legs work just fine as his golf game will attest, and so do his fingers on the keyboard, so were never out of touch.  Roys an excellent friend and one I go to quite often for wisdom and esoteric web sites.  Hes never speechless.  Just love the boy.



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