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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

I know Im the first on my block to make turkey soup this year.  Boiled the carcass of a nice twelve-pounder from morning to early afternoon, strained it out, let it sit, picked out the nasty stuff and combined it back in the broth with an onion or two and plenty of ground sage (adding just a tad of the leftover gravy for good measure).

     Were eating at Jacks (thats my husband) sons for Thanksgiving this year but I like to cook a turkey.  Nothing easier in the world.  Just wash that old sucker out and stick it in the oven.  Its the cleaning-up after that yucky, as Ive used every pan in the house for mashed potatoes, that gravy, peas and/or corn, dressing.  The smell of that bird roasting away and a fire in the fireplace adding living room scents to kitchen scents, why, thats just the nicest, coziest time of the year.

      If you have a good dressing (some call it stuffing) recipe, share it with me.  You can send email to:  Mines either too gluey or too runny.  Even after 44 years, still dont have a handle on it.  But my gravy is the best.



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