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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Edition 15

Yet more questions, snide observations and a new game and a new trend. 

  • Is there an expiration date on fortune cookie prophesies?
  • Often TV cameras are not allowed in courtrooms so various media cover the event by providing a sketch artist.  Why on earth do they bother?  The sketches produced usually look absolutely nothing like the person they intend to portray.  In fact, theyre usually pretty grotesque.
  • Why is it I can take a can of starter fluid, three weeks worth of newspapers and whole boxes of matches to light a fire in my fireplace but it only takes a discarded unlit match thrown to the side of the road to start a million acre forest fire?
  • How many types of salt do you have in your cupboard?  The salt craze has hit my home area hard, which is, of course, the San Francisco Bay Area, which is, of course, the birthplace of the more important trends, after which New York City gets on board, followed by the rest of the nation.  Red Hawaiian tidal crystals, gray Celtic sea salt, damp French fleur de sel, Aigues-Martes salt, Sicilian salt, coarse Portuguese sea salt, ultra fine Japanese salt, kosher salt and rock salt. Ive got Sea of Iodized salt and some kosher for a rib recipe thats to die for.  When I mentioned all the various types that were available to the shelf-stocker at my local supermercado, he gave me one of those looks only a 21-year-old can give to a 60-something and fled. 
  • Then theres the top-of-the-Yellow Pages fun.  I found House-Human in my Monterey County book, and Kitchen-Laboratories, and Physicians-Pianos.  I have entirely too much time on my hands.



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