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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Edition 11

       I was going to tell you all about the pain in my neck and going to see the doctor, arriving 15 minutes early so as to complete all the patient paperwork and hand over the requisite co-pay. (Question: whatever happened to Howre we feeling today? instead of Copayment please?).  I was also going to mention the two white-uniformed young men entering the office, heatedly discussing last nights national college basketball contest and taking seats near me. Then I was going to let you in on how I joined in on their conversation and what happened thereafter:

     Both men instantly shut up, the one nearest me turning to give me a look of abject disdain and dismissal hell, I was being dissed!.  I read so much in his body language:  youre only a women and obviously an old one at that, so what the hell do you know anyway and why are you bothering us?  They left soon after, leaving me totally embarrassed, sorry I opened my mouth.

     I wanted to ask you, when in hell did I become an old lady?  The day before yesterday I was 30 and raising two children.  Yesterday I was 40 and counting boy friends.  This morning I was 50 and this afternoon Im old.

     And then I was going to go on and on about how angry the experience made me, my feelings of intimidation and powerlessness, mostly the latter and then I remembered that all we seniorwomen probably feel the same way and this would just be rubbing noses in it, right?  Gee, Im glad I got that out of my system.



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