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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Edition 10

Questions That Cause Us Great Wonder and Confusion

     I polled hundreds (well, several.okay, 10) friends and weve come up with the following life questions to which weve had great difficulty in finding answers:

  • Why does using a bar of soap in a bubble bath destroy the bubbles?
  • What cretin thought up those tiny advertising stickers that are stuck on fruit?
  • How can they tell with such certainty just what TV programs we do watch?
  •  What is that creepy green stuff hiding under the skin of my potatoes?
  • Why do I go into the guest room to sleep after a fight with Sweetheart?
  • Know what Im totally intolerant of?  Intolerants.
  • Why do The History Channel and other media use grainy, circa 1900s silent movie clips to illustrate moments in ancient history?  The Romans and Phoenicians had wind-up movie cameras?
  • Do missing socks go somewhere special? Are they really missing?
  • Why does osmosis work?
  • As tires wear out, where does the stuff from tires go?
  • That age-old question:  where does all my lost fat go?
  • And the Winner:  youre driving down an interstate highway.  The direction sign ahead says, Los Angeles 380 mi.  Where will you be after driving exactly 380 miles?

    My special thanks for contributors Maybelle Porter, Elizabeth Borgeson, Ginny OQuinn, Sam Bernabe and others who are too shy to be mentioned nationally.  And my extra-special thanks to Roy Stephens who submitted the only questions that could not be printed.


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