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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Edition 9

At My Age, Things I'm Positive I Won't Do:

  •  Spend a winter in Moscow.
  •  Drive a double diesel truck.
  •  Snow-ski anywhere.
  • Enjoy (or not) the Caribbean or the American South.
  •  Get pregnant.
  •  Relive menopause.
  •  Meet someone I really, truly hate at first sight.
  •  Be lonely or afraid at night.
  •  Stop snoring.
  •  Fly a commercial jet again, anywhere.
  •  Be a commercial airline pilot.
Things I May Possibly Still Do:
  • Visit the Antarctic.
  • Take a lover.
  • On a trip, drive over a thousand miles in one day.
  • Learn to love something I really dislike now, like the desert.
  • Try some foods Ive never had before, like snails.
  • Revisit Alaska for the third time.
  • Take up flying in a small plane.
  • Write a novel, best-selling or not.
  • Meet any president of the U.S.
  • Have a conversation with any celebrity and not come across as a giggling, grinning doofus.
  • Be understood by my children.
  • Drive a convertible with the top down and not worry about my hair.
  • Have a household item that turns out to be worth a million dollars on the Antiques Roadshow (in Britain).
To Be Continued..


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