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...Just a Minute...

by Jacqueline Sewall Golden

Edition 8

When was the last time you were actually in a high school?  Yeah, me too.  When I graduated, I took off the cap and gown, got into my car and never looked back.

     That may have been an error in judgment. Seems that high schools these days, judging from the California Department of Health Services study which included 171 school districts with 345 high schools, found that 95 percent of schools surveyed sell fast foods as a la carte items! And Im not talking here about hamburger surprise or vinegared spinach or canned peaches or anything else those large red-faced ladies in the school kitchens would cook up for us using who-knows-what as cooking guidelines. 

     No, these a la carte dishes, which are often sold in cafeterias in addition to the National School Lunch Program means, need not meet the nutrition requirements of a traditional school lunch and are not regulated by the state or federal government.  The most common a la carte items sold include pizza (provided by Round Table or Dominos), cookies, chips and burritos (supplied by Taco Bell). Taco Bell was served at more than half of the school surveyed.  Subways sandwiches were also prevalent.  And the reasons school districts gave for selling fast food are (get this) kids like it and it keeps districts out of the red! They found that apparently kids today dont think food is real food unless a recognizable brand name is attached.

     I dont know about you, but this shocks me to tears. Can I still join the PTA or something and voice my negative opinion of these goings on?  I doubt it.  Id just be an old fool who didnt understand the system, right?



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