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Generation Gap

by David Westheimer



The wider the generation gap grows, the narrower it gets. Thanks largely to the Internet.. Aminah is my niece kind of. She lurks in the Web underbrush until I log on (or her Aunt Susan, my daughter-in-law does), then springs out in full Instant Message.

Aminah is eight years old. This a recent IM exchange, typos and all:

Maymina92: I am waiting like you said too.

Maymina92: sorry if I am inturupting

DWestheime: And Sweet Baboo, I am MAD at you. Every time you IM it cuts me off from what I am doing. I am through e-mailing now.

Maymina92: Why are you mad at me!!


Maymina92: ok

DWestheime: I just told you why I was mad.

Maymina92: is the backround better?

DWestheime: You kept interrupting me. Didn't you know little children should be seen and not smelled? That backround is much better.

Maymina92: I think you mean childresn should be seen buet not heard

DWestheime: Oh. That's right.

Maymina92: yeah

Maymina92: want meto wait a few min?

DWestheime: I bet you smell good. Like cats.

Maymina92: I mean me to

DWestheime: No, I've finished my e-mail.

Maymina92: I sure hope I don't smell like cats

Maymina92: oh good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DWestheime: Cat's smeel GOOD. They are known for it.

Maymina92: What have you been doing?

Maymina92: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DWestheime: Trying to answer my e-mail and this kd from up north kept interrupting.

Maymina92: is she smarter then some old baboooo named David

DWestheime: And before that I was working on income tax papers.

Maymina92: ha what a mad sweetie babboo

Maymina92: I meean bad

DWestheime: Oh, she is much smarter. When he was her age he couldn't type.

Maymina92: relly what a dum boy Maymina92: ( I am joking)

DWestheime: I may be dumb, but I can spell it right.

Maymina92: O shush up

Maymina92: (just joking)

DWestheime: That's what Cody always says. "Just joking"

Maymina92: whose Cody?

DWestheime: Your cousin. Our grandson.

Maymina92: Oh Cody

DWestheime: Say "Who's," not "Whose"

Maymina92: oh shush up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DWestheime: Never.

Maymina92: "just joking"

Maymina92: Oh you better

DWestheime: What will you do?

Maymina92: you won't get a hug next time I see you!

DWestheime: Yeah? I will hug you til your nose bleeds.

Maymina92: I won't let you get near you though

Maymina92: near me

DWestheime: You wouldn't say that if my cane didn't slow me down.

Maymina92: oh I would go up and down the stairs wich will take a half hour to get down and up and it will take two seconds

Maymina92: hold I want to do somthing

DWestheime: You are SO mean.

DWestheime: I gotta go.


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