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Culture & Arts

A couple of Pat Beurteaux's List of 2005 Whinges: What was the point of feminists such as myself working to gain control of our bodies, in legislation at least, when girls have been brainwashed to believe that control means using the male view of women as the norm?  And if women’s magazines are really about women why do they nag so much?

Angela Pressburger (MaptoMovies) debuts her DVD reviews for with international cinematic views of Women Around the World. Consult her suggestions for Recent DVDs to Enjoy Over the Holidays Suitable for the Whole Family

A Holiday Gift Book Suggestion: A Day in the Life of the American Woman; How We See Ourselves

Culture Watch: Robert Pinsky has written a biography that is both scholarly and tender on The Life of David. Joan Shaddox Isom's Offerings in the Snow is rich in sentiment and full of moments both funny and endearing. In David McCullogh's 1776, the attention to detail and circumstance bring alive just how overwhelming resistance to the English must have seemed to the people of America.

Julia Sneden, The Shank of the Year: We who love autumn are a different breed. Others talk with sorrow of the old year dying, but we speak instead of harvest and of giving thanks. We gather the best that’s left of the old year and hug it to us, a kind of armor against winter’s cold and the unknown year to come

A site, FiftyCrows; a cause, the Mothers of the Disappeared: Marcos Adandia's "stark portraits of mothers who lost their sons and daughters during the Argentinean military dictatorship;" Jihan Ammar's documentary/photo essay: Playing Cards With Nana: Intimate Stories from the Middle East

David Westheimer, 1917-2005

Rose Mula, Weather or Not: To counter the early darkness in winter I bought a lamp that was advertised to "spread sunshine all over the room." In reality it spreads a couple of weak beams over about one square foot of my desk

Current Reading
News & Issues
Politics & Government
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16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence runs from International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women through International Human Rights Day; AI's article, Darfur: Rape as a weapon of war: sexual violence and its consequences

Betty Soldz: Bewildered? Do You Receive Your Healthcare Coverage From Your Present or Past Employer? If So, Are You Confused About What You Should Do About the New Medicare Drug Plan? Trying to figure out what to do will give you such a headache you’ll need a prescription

Current Reading, Pew Research survey: 42% of Americans say the US should "mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own," par with the percentage expressing that view during the mid-1970s, following the Vietnam War and the 1990s after the Cold War

 Jo Freeman, Viewing Rosa Parks: As we argued about segregation, the aunts, the uncles and the cousins gathered in the parlor.  I spoke from one side of the room; they stood on the other.  In between us, off to the side, my mother watched the debate without interfering.  I interpreted her silence as approval.  Thus was launched my career as a civil rights activist

Relationships & Going Places

Travel: FlightStats provides information as to how airplane carriers how they have performed on all flights in the last 60 days

Shop for Child/Grandchild: Hamptons Child, Constructive Playthings and Kaplan Early Learning Center

Children’s Hospital Boston has created a resource for families — no matter where they live — to prepare kids for hospital visits

Roberta McReynolds, The Measure of Margie's Heart: We’ve been on an interesting journey, Margie and I. When I first felt brave enough to share my troubles with her, she sat and listened. There was no advice or judgment. She accepted me exactly as I was

A letter from a Netherlands reader: There is so little common knowledge about women’s sexual desires and the hormone changes after menopause. As there is little, far too little, scientific/medical knowledge, about dysfunction and what to do to relieve it. As if women over 50 are no longer entitled to a satisfactory sex life

Martha Powers, Hide and Seek: Whenever we have an economy drive, Bill hides the checkbook.  Now I hate to tell him that putting it under his shorts is not very cunning.  If I did, I’d have to confess that I tore up the wall to wall carpeting and took off the back of the television set while I was looking for it

Home & Shopping


Shop for Home: BarbaraK's Tools for Women including a roadside safety kit and a 30 piece toolkit

New Gift Shop Link: My Perennial

Sharon Kapnick, Let’s Talk Turkey: Think Young, Food Friendly and Fruity When Choosing Holiday Wines : Although matching wine with turkey is a cinch, matching wine with turkey, marshmallow-topped sweet-potato casserole, creamed onions, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy and stuffing — well, that’s another story entirely!

Margaret Cullison's Holiday Desserts — Pumpkin and Pecan Pies, Gingerbread Men and Christmas Cookies: I remember sitting by a window near the kitchen stove, basking in the warmth of the winter sun behind me while playing with my most prized present that year, an oil painting set

Shop for Home: Always Something Brilliant. Just what are Batten Dryer Balls?

The Prince of Wales and Duchy Originals (his organic foods company), including products and a recipe for Silly Sausage made with marmalade

Health, Fitness & Style

A Costume Sighting: The Cooper-Hewitt's Fashion in Colors & The Kyoto Costume Institute Stylishly Collaborate

Current Reading: "A Web-based second opinion allows patients to consult with medical experts regardless of where they are located. This service could be particularly helpful for people living in rural areas or overseas, and it also could benefit patients with complex medical conditions"

Online to be read free : From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition — Primary care physicians and other health care providers often are not extremely familiar with the consequences of cancer, and seldom receive explicit guidance from oncologists

For 21 years, he kept his theory a secret ... the teaser for the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibit, Darwin:

A British Medical Journal Paper, Sedative hypnotics in older people with insomnia: Improvements in sleep with sedative use are statistically significant, but the magnitude of effect is small.

Betty Soldz, Bewildered: Do You Receive Your Healthcare Coverage From Your Present or Past Employer? If So, Are You Confused About What You Should Do About the New Medicare Drug Plan?

Deafness in Disguise: "Mechanical hearing devices were elaborately crafted, as evidenced by repousse work, engravings, embossing, paint, and intricate grillwork .... Lace, silk, ribbons, and even feathers often adorned these devices to disguise their function"

Money & Computing

The Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future: What are the top 10 actions ... that federal policy-makers could take to enhance the science and technology enterprise so that the United States can successfully compete, prosper, and be secure in the global community of the 21st Century?

Current Reading - Printers and Privacy: Why Government-Sponsored Printer Identification Raises Serious Privacy Concerns

Jo Freeman surveys the new products at the consumer technology show: Is there life after 50 at Digital Life? Stylish cases are made for almost everything such as a Lala Laptop Bag; Delapod's pretty, protective covers for iPods and hi-tech; high fashion bags displayed by Casauri and Case Closed

Find-a-Human: Instructions to bypass those Interactive Voice Response systems to get to a human as quickly as possible at banks, stores, airlines, telephone companies, AOL and Comcast

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