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Culture & Arts

Angela Pressburger reviews DVDs: A favourite spiritual film, The Cup; an important issue documentary, The Future of Food; documenting what one human being can accomplish, Ryan's Well; to see with the whole family, Valiant; and The Secret Life of Geisha

AskOxford: What is the longest English word? Are there any English words containing the same letter three times in a row? Are there any words that rhyme with orange?

Magic Machines:  A History of the Moving Image from Antiqity to 1900 includes "a strange device for recounting stories in circular form, the Smicroscopin" and using a magic lantern at Versailles, demonstrated how apparitions might be projected onto smoke

Julia Sneden, Olympiad: Does it really take a greedy hope of yet more medals to stir up our patriotic interest? Sorry, NBC, but all your ad evokes in this very patriotic woman is a weary shake of my head. It emphasizes everything I find wrong in sports today

Pat Beurteaux, Secrets of a Successful New Year's Resolution-Maker: With any luck and a modicum of poor management, as one ages, there should be fewer things one can resolve to do.  Surely one has tried them all — or nearly 

History from the Domesday Book: "In the year one thousand and eighty-six from the Incarnation of our Lord, and in the twentieth year of the reign of William there was made this survey not only through these three counties, but also through others"

CultureWatch: In Our Endangered Values, America ’s Moral Crisis, Jimmy Carter sounds a clarion cry for change in the future; Toyin Falola writes with humor, truth, and purpose in A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt; Simi Linton’s memoir, My Body Politic, is a summon to the necessity for “affirmative actions of a new and as yet unwritten form to make inclusion, integration, and participation a given of the 21st century”

Rose Mula, Self-Improvement or Self-Delusion? "I probably do have flat abs, but they're still buried under layers of flab; my buns are still more Entemann's than steel; and my thighs and upper arms still have the consistency of unset Jello"

Current Reading
News & Issues
Politics & Government
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Congressional Research Service's Memo on Presidential Authority to Conduct Warrantless Electronic Surveillance to Gather Foreign Intelligence Information: "Recent media revelations that the President authorized the NSA to collect signals intelligence from communications involving US persons within the United States, without obtaining a warrant or court order, raise numerous questions ... "

Giving: For aside from seniors, it is the wealthy – specifically the upper middle class and the middle rich – who donate a lower proportion of their investment asset wealth to charity than everyone else

An abstract of Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Bureaucracy from The Michigan Law Review: The most cold-blooded public choice theorist could not present a bleaker portrait of a government captured by special interests and motivated solely by a desire to increase bureaucratic power and influence

Relationships & Going Places

Liz Flaherty, The Gift of Grief: Now and then it is a state of mind we miss, or a conversation we wish could have gone on longer, or a friendship we wish we could go back and fix because we blew it big time

Roberta McReynolds shares her dream in The Right Direction: So I closed my eyes as the persistent memory lingered and reviewed the events, trying to remember what I could before it faded away with the stars. There was something important I needed to find, not on the dream-road, but in the dream itself

Jane Shortall takes us on a short Paris excursion: Above the shops, art galleries and restaurants, people live in millions of apartments, ranging from a one room rented studio inhabited by an impoverished student, to an entire floor complete with antique furniture owned by a lady of mature years who wears a cape, a black beret and sports a pearl ring the size of the moon

Home & Shopping

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Rebuilding: A Pattern Book for Gulf Coast Neighborhoods and Marianne Cusato's 308 square foot house, a Katrina Cottage Tiny House

Shop for Home — WingardHome and its unique ingredient for a screen or backdrop: Mo-Bi-Le-O

New Link: MarieBelle's chocolate treats, croquette au chocolat and marzipan made with Turkish pistachios and Spanish almonds

Sharon Kapnick, A Vintage Year for Wine Books: Gifts for Oenophiles who Are Also Bibliophiles - Need any gifts for wine lovers or those curious about wine this holiday season? You’re in luck. This is a fantastic year for wine books, with revised editions of old classics and first editions of future classics


Health, Fitness & Style

From the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University: Two obese people follow the same low-calorie diet and do not exercise, but one loses much more weight than the other

Ferida Wolff, The Power of Being Dishy: I have a friend who is closer to seventy than fifty who has people of various ages flocking around her with that light in their eyes. She recognized her sensuality all along while I played hide and seek for five decades before finding it 

Trial Registration Report Card from NEJM: We demand complete compliance, because trial registration makes moral sense. When patients put themselves at risk to participate in clinical trials, they do so with the tacit understanding that their risk is part of the public record, not merely the secret record of the sponsor

A Costume Sighting: The Cooper-Hewitt's Fashion in Colors & The Kyoto Costume Institute Collaborate

Money & Computing

The Pew Internet and American Life Project Report finds that women tend to treat information gathering online as a more textured and interactive process – one that includes gathering and exchanging information through support groups and personal email exchanges

Walt Mossberg: The computer industry cares little about consumers and very small businesses. It is focused on serving the IT departments of large corporations and organizations

Current Reading: Working at Home Isn't the Day At the Beach Colleagues Imagine - Conditions at home can be more dungeon than castle, and in contrast to turf wars at the office, you can't escape the enemy at night

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