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Letters from Readers:
"Everything else makes you feel everyone over 60 is ready for the great beyond. I'll be back & I'll invite friends"

Jill Norgren reviews two family memoirs: In Center of the Universe, Nancy Bachrach offers a mordantly funny and deeply affecting recollection of her mom Lola, urban, middle-class, Jewish, and not infrequently mentally ill. Charlie Bundrum, the hero of Ava’s Man, Rick Bragg’s lyrical remembrance of his grandfather, has deep roots in a Depression-era Old South. These are perfect books to pick up in this season of celebrating mothers and fathers

A Bouquet of Monets: NYC's Gagosian Gallery is presenting 27 of (Oscar Claude) Monet's paintings, one of several presentations of the artists's works on view in recent years. Take a virtual trip through a book about Monet's House in Giverny as well as a primer on collapsible tin tube painting techniques

On Looking Forward to Summer and Good Beach Reads requires beach reads be of a stop-and-start, interruptible nature, because one never knows when others in the group might want to take a dip, or go to the ice cream store, or pile into cars to hit the local cinema

CultureWatch Beach Reads: The Three Weismanns of Westport, a tale of the dissolution of a long marriage that is a dead-on look at the emotional, financial, irretrievable cost of the husband's words and actions; Joan L. Cannon reviews the novel Luncheon of the Boating Party, a kind of hybrid of fictionalized biography, historical novel, and discourse on painting techniques of the Impressionists

The Young Vermeer, The Revenge of a Forger and Shopping at the Museum: These early works are quite different from the richly decorated interiors with attractive women you might expect from Vermeer. Instead they depict a mythological subject, a story from the Bible and a brothel scene


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Lifelong Pursuits

Joan Cannon, Lifelong Pursuits: Musing on the Triple Crown — Our lovely little mare rested her muzzle on my husband's shoulder every night when he went out before bed to make sure the water buckets were full. I think of our handsome big gelding who was so intrigued by the tree we planted in the middle of the pasture that he pulled it up and trotted triumphantly around the field with it between his teeth, brandishing it like a flag

Splitting the MMS Into Two, Calls for Investigation of Oil Drilling Safety and Shutting Down the Atlantis Platform: "A federal judge was asked to shut down a BP oil and gas platform that operated with incomplete and inaccurate engineering documents in the same part of the Gulf as the company's massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill"

Nichola Gutgold, Another Woman on the Supreme Court May Position More Women to Enter Politics and Government: It is unusual for male power figures to refer to their role model status, because men and boys do not need proof that powerful positions are open to them. The reality is that politics and the Supreme Court remain overwhelmingly male enterprises

Solictor General Elena Kagan in 2005 addressing the New York Bar Association: Do women arrive at law school predisposed to self-doubt? Or does something happen in law school that contributes to these perceptions? In any case, we know one thing: There's a problem here, and we need to figure out why it exists

Who Manages Oil Resources in the Gulf of Mexico? Investigating the MMS Culture: "Finally, our investigation revealed an organizational culture lacking acceptance of government ethical standards, inappropriate personal behaviors, and a program without the necessary internal controls in place to prevent future unethical or unlawful behavior" 

The Increased Importance Of The Violence Against Women Act In A Time Of Economic Crisis: "Abusers often retain their control through economic dependence, sabotaging a victim's credit history or her ability to work productively. Between 25 and 50 percent of domestic violence victims report that they lost a job at least in part due to their abuse. Similarly, almost 50 percent of sexual assault survivors lose their jobs following a crime.  "

Out of the Shadows; Understanding and Meeting the Needs of LGBT Elders: With the aging of LGBT Baby Boomers, who are the first generation of LGBT people to have lived openly gay or transgender lives in large numbers, comes the unique barriers and inequalities that stem from the effects of social stigmas and prejudice

Relationships & Going Places

Ferida Wolff's Articles

Jane Shortall's Articles

Julia Sneden, On Friendship: She remains my touchstone, my chum, the one who remembers the big trees that surrounded our houses, and the names of the neighbors. I can envision the inside of her house, and she can remember the inside of mine, including the crawl space underneath it, and the roof where we daringly sunbathed topless

Rose Mula, Insecurities - Past and Present: Though I desperately wanted a boy to ask me, at the same time I was terrified that one would because I really didn’t know how to dance. The first of my friends invited to boogie thrust her pocketbook at me before she sashayed away. The next two did the same thing. I might as well have had a sign around my neck that said REJECT

Ferida Wolff, Our Intertwined Lives: I was supposed to be a Buick. When my father came home on furlough from the army during World War II he told my mother that he planned to buy a car when he was discharged. But my mother became pregnant. She sent a note to my father that said, Bye, bye Buick

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The Landscape Artist, Humphry Repton, at the Morgan: "Every article of my dress was most assiduously studied; and while I can now smile with contempt on the singular hat, or odd-shaped pantaloons of some dandy of the present day, I recall to my mind the white coat, lined with blue stain, and trimmed with silver fringe, in which I was supposed to captivate all hearts on one memorable occasion"

Roberta McReynolds, The Cat Pushes My Buttons: I’m really going to have to figure out all this technology one of these days. I’m helpless when it comes to resetting things after Ishi has played with them. I’ve yet to find a chapter in the instruction manual that covers troubleshooting programming errors generated by a cat

Shopping for Gifts and Yourself, Cartographic Art: Mother and Father's Days are on the horizon; put aside ideas for an oversize, expensive bag or purse, laptop, messenger or briefcase. We've found a good looking, authentic alternative based on the maps of a city in the past

Liz Flaherty, Lifelong Pursuits: The Rickrack Chronicles — I spend hours comparing colors and textures in fabric shops and buying from the clearance bolts at Wal-Mart. I’m a sucker for the thread rack — all those colors!—and the notions wall. I have enough scissors that I wonder if I should have some kind of weapons license for them

Health, Fitness & Style

A Style Exhibit, Walk This Way: A Manolo, a shoe owned by Marilyn Monroe and slap-soled shoes with white leather upper, toe and instep covered with salmon silk embroidered with silver yarns, narrow lappets with white and salmon silk ties with tassels cross behind and tie through pointed tongue

Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake in the US; FDA should set standards for salt added to processed foods and prepared meals: Regulatory action is necessary because four decades of public education campaigns about the dangers of excess salt and voluntary sodium cutting efforts by the food industry have generally failed to make a dent in Americans' intakes

Unmarried Women Continue to See High Unemployment: More than 4 in 10 (43.2 percent) never-married unemployed women have been out of work and searching for a new job for at least six months, while nearly half (46.5 percent) of previously married women are among these “long-term unemployed”

A Federal Reserve Bank Governor Explodes Myths About Women and Money: Women supervise the budget for and purchase of many of the highest-cost items including food, clothing, child care, eldercare, health care, transportation, family communication networks, vacations, and financial services and products

Public Policy Issues Raised by the Report of the Lehman Bankruptcy Examiner: "Give it back; disgorge yourself of the money. It is time that those whose greed, arrogance and fraud caused this crisis be held responsible. The bankruptcy examiner makes a compelling case that fraud took place and that Mr. Fuld is lying about his role in it. I guess that is to be expected since he is trying to avoid liability." (Rep. Jackie Speier, D, CA)


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